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Almost all car & bike on the street in Japan

Maybe this site will have almost all car and bike picture on the street in Japan.


Because I keep taking photo of underground customized car & bike everyday.

Now there are many pictures are uploaded already but it’s just small part of it. I keep uploading more and more. Every time you access this web site, JAP spirit, you can see new exciting car & bike pictures on the Japanese street and underground scene custom.

They are not-formal nor standard nor political nor established nor commercialized, but more friendly and more maniac, and more sub culture and more realistic aspect of Japan.

What is JAP spirit?

What is JAP spirit?

Devoting to their life for something is Japanese traditional way of living.

Samurai kill himself when he do some mistake to take his responsibility. It was the samurai spirit.

And Japanese people think it is beautiful.

But during time of World war II, we had done big mistaking effort. It is to make machine for kill people. Additionally we started to use it to do suicide attack.(Kamikaze, Zerosen, Kaiten)


sadly it have never made people be happy.

After the war, Japanese people start to make car & bike by devoting their life peacefully. We have made lots of effort, made lots of beautiful machine.

Japanese people finally found what he devote in peace.

But some maniac Japanese went strange direction. They started to custom such machines by devoting their money, their time, their energy, their life and everything.

Custom not for  practicality nor usability, but just only for cool

I don’t know whether there is meaning in such nonsense custom. Tell the truth, because of their custom, they lose usefulness and they must owe the risk of getting ticket because of violating traffic law.


So why they do custom?

Because they believe it’s cool. You will say it’s stupid, it’s crazy, it’s just a self‐satisfaction. Yes that’s right. But at least I can say it is peaceful and make people happy whom look such custom machine.

I call this bad ass spirit not Japanese spirit but JAP spirit.

Back ground of these car & bike, web site.

Now days you can see lots of great car & bike pictures easily by just click in your comfortable room. and you can say “Oh it is good” or “it is boring”. Maybe you are eating chips and drinking coke.

What a bad manner!

You will be cut half with Samurai sword as soon as possible in Japan.

You should sit straight!


If you want to see more Japanese exciting undergrond custom car & bike, Sit up straight and make a bow! 

You must understand that each owner spend lots of money and time and energy to them and each car & bike have each long history. 

 Some car & bike is already gone  and owner died at traffic accident.  But JAP spirit in them is eternal.

At the same time, it is not easy to take each photos. I must go to take photo in very hot summer or incredible cold winter. Some time car owner punch me angrily and police give ticket by violation of traffic law.

or stupid speed hunter cameraman nearly puch me. lol

Just keep taking photos is same stupid as their custom. But I cannot stop doing because their custom attract me. What is it? it is Jap spirit. 

thank you & enjoy !


    1. Dear shawn garner.
      thank you for your message and sorry for my slow response.
      your message give me power to post more.
      there are stree lots of pictures, I need time and energy to do it.
      I make effort to post quickly


  1. Really nice pictures……and trucks, of course.
    Would be nice if you could also take some pictures of interiors. I have the chance to contribute with some beautiful steering wheels Made in Italy.

  2. I love your site .

    There is no hate here just appreciation of all kind of customised cars.
    I admire your spirt!

    1. Hi, K’s
      thank you for your comment.
      Almost all cars are customized. some cars are amature made, some cars are just strange. some car custom is small.
      but each almost all cars are actually on the street. i think that is exciting point.
      i hope i can share my exciting feeling thorough these pictures.

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