TOYOTA Starlet, substitute of AE86 for poor street racing geek, Hashiriya.

Main Starlet user is middle class old lady or street racing geek. because Starlet is popular low-end car. it means car for poor. But surprisingly, automobile performance is very high. Under 1300cc class, the most fastest car in Japanese car. this marketing rival is Nissan March, but speed performance rival is Nissan silvia S13. Even if this car design is frumpy, Hashiriya is willing to buy it. They never pay attention to fashion. Their interest is just speed.

So this car become favorite choice for street race freak, Hashiriya who are poor. By the way, not-poor Hashiriya buy SE86. Hashiriya never become rich because they keep spending all their money to buy better parts to tune up their machine. and their tuning up never end. If there is rich Hashiriya, it is person who sell tuning parts for Hashiriya.

Now days we are rare to see this legendary car, Starlet. If you can happen to see Starlet on the street, you are lucky man. and if you can outrun it, you must have good driving technique.

Please check this bad old style design.





JAP spirit

Almost all underground custom car & bike on the street in Japan 日本のアンダーグラウンドなカスタムカー&バイクのストリートシーンを追いかけています。

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