Dekotora style ACTY, HONDA (K-tora) @ Classic car new year meeting 2005

This Dekotora truck has lots of sign board. Maybe you need explanation of each sign board meaning.these sign board meaning is like this.

HONDA, ACTY, Dekotora style

  1.  WANMAN  >this means One man. Conductor is only one person.
  2.  Besupa no Jinsei > His life is only Vespa. ( I don’t know what he want to say)
  3.  Hitori tabi > Lonely travel (this phrase is typical truck driver’s favorite)
  4. Kousoku reidanbou sha >it means that it has speedy cooler and heater. ( I don’t think so)
  5. Hisho shitsu > It means that Seacretaly office (This driver want to say some joking)

Don’t take it seriously. these sign board is just a joke.

JAP spirit

Almost all underground custom car & bike on the street in Japan 日本のアンダーグラウンドなカスタムカー&バイクのストリートシーンを追いかけています。

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