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When should i go to Daikoku is the best?


my name is Bee from THAILAND

I would like to ask you about DAIKOKU

I will plan to go to japan on 20-27 april 2015

and i would like to go to DAIKOKU on saturday 25 April.

but am not sure that is it gonna have a lot of car in DAIKOKU or should i go another day? and what time should i go?

can you please kindly suggest.

thank you so much

looking forward to ypu reply


Topic starter Posted : 23/04/2015 1:51 pm
Member Admin

Hi, Bujuguru

You seem to come to Japan already? i hope your staying in Japan is good one.

About DAIKOKU sight seeing.

Nobody say which time is the best because even if lots of car come to Daikoku and become car party, police force to close DAIKOKU PA and kick out cars from DAIKOKU PA.

Certainly the most hot time of DAIKOKU PA is Saturday night. but it means Saturday night is also closed by police.
If police close DAIKOKU PA, nobody cannot enter DAIKOKU PA and cars are kicked out from DAIKOKU.

if you cannot go to DAIKOKU PA except Suterday night, I recommend to go to DAIKOKU PA early eveneng, about 18:00.

basically police close DAIKOKU PA around 20:00 - 21:00.

of course not always police close DAIKOKU PA.

but at the same time, not every saturday lot of car come to DAIKOKU PA.

I know traveler cannot have lots of time, and if you cannot enter DAIKOKU PA, it's very sad. it means you lost lots of time. Saturday night is interesting hot time but it's risky for traveler.

If you don't waste time with uncertain DAIKOKU condition, and you want to see lots of customized car, I recommend you go there at Sunday morning and day time.

because 99% police don't close DAIKOKU PA at Sunday morning and day time.
and still lots of car come to DAIKOKU.

If you want to see custom car night party, you shoud go to Saturday night or friday night. but it's risky.

Sunday morning

Posted : 23/04/2015 2:57 pm

Thank you so much Masamania..

If i go more late than 21:00 saturday night ? May be 01:00 am on sunday.. Do they have? Or should i go to sunday morning instead.?

Tahnk you


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Hi, Bujuguru

i am afraid that my answer make you confused 😛

i think Saturday night 21:00 is 70% close.
if you are 30% lucky you can enter but if you are 70% unlucky, you cannot enter DAIKOKU PA and waste lots of time and energy.

if you want to go to DAIKOKU Sataday night, you should go there about 18:00.
and at least you can enter DAIKOKU PA and can stay until DAIKOKU is closed.

or if you go to DAIKOKU arond 23:00 Satuday night, maybe 90% you can enter DAIKOKU .
and that time is not so many car but still lots of customized car you can see.

if you go there on Sunday morning and day time, you can enter DAIKOKU PA 99%.
and you can also see lots of good car. not so many maniac customized car but there are still classic car, expensive car etc...

Sutarday night > customized car for bad people
Sunday mornign > smart customized car for children

Posted : 23/04/2015 9:37 pm

Thank you so much..
I will think about it

Your answer is so useful.



Topic starter Posted : 23/04/2015 9:56 pm
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